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Prism Mobile

Rich user-experience mobile application framework for document distribution, e-signing reporting and cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Collaborate and share documents

Publish and distribute the documents your clients really want to have!

PRISM allows you to securely distribute documents and content of any class directly into the hands of your clients. Powered by a powerful search engine, users can locate and access their entire document library at anytime and from anywhere. With support for granular document confidentiality levels, users can either simple view documents online, or gain access to more advanced document management features.


Full electronic signing of documents on the go!

Our powerful signing engine makes it easy for you to quickly implement a full range of E-signing services for your clients. Allowing them to participate in all of your business processes. With support for everything from simple signings to more complex multi document and multi party signing flows. PRISM supports all of the widely used identity and electronic signing schemes thanks to our snap in architecture approach.


Full mobile reporting with advanced interactive visualisations!

Users demand a wide range of information to support them. In this mobile age the demand for interactive and highly visual data representation has become mandatory. PRISM provides a comprehensive mobile and responsive data reporting environment. Based on a reporting methodology supported by a huge library of charting and visualisation options, you can quickly create a rich and immersive user experience. With the ability to support full drill down from a high level, key figure view, through product, region or other summary view, right the way down to individual transactions or events.

Any device

If you´ve got it! We support it! Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop!

The PRISM platform provides a wide range of clients to meet all of your situations from mobile to responsive web. Supporting your business and mobile lifestyle. With our easy to use mobile SDK you can create rich and powerful native APPs in record time. Or for a responsive approach our Drupal CMS platform with powerful responsive templates will have you up and publishing in no time at all.

Relationships & communities

Share data, fulfill your various roles and allow your clients to build their own communities.

Connect your users to their data, professional roles and each other with the PRISM platforms relationship, sharing and networking engine. Supported by a granular confidentiality and data access mechanism users can interact with materials and services relevant for their professional and private roles. Users can also manage and maintain their own relationships allowing the creation of groups and communities supporting the sharing of information.

Client identity and profile

Legally recognised identity and self service capabilities!

The client identity services and profile management, provide all the functionality you need to create secure client enrollment and self service solutions. Support is provided for various authentication schemes including BankID and Facebook social logon to provide strong identity and legitimation. Enrolled users can be created as new system accounts or connected to existing user identities. Users can manage all of their contact and profile settings along with preferences for communication and channels.


Create a rich content experience with news articles, magazines and Web TV

Built on the market leading Content Management System Drupal, PRISM allows you to create an immersive content experience for your clients in both a full native mobile and responsive setting. Out of the box you will find a huge amount of templates, styles and media allowing for the rapid creation of one or many content sites to support all of your organisations and departments. The platform delivers complete role and security based content management functionality driven dynamically by the PRISM Segmentation and Analytics engine.

Plus everything you need to build solutions

In addition to the core functionality, The PRISM platform contains lots of additional services and functionality combined with a full SDK to meet all of your requirements!

We have created a full set of core services to enable you to deliver all of your business services, content and communications in an easy to use and quickly deployable format. We also have taken the time to create a suite of rich REST API´s, allowing you to build and create a wide range of interactions and extension to PRISM. The platform can also be deployed as an MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) solution providing your technical team with a powerful and rich toolbox to rapidly create full mobile solutions and realise your mobile strategy.