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Cloud Explorers is a young and dynamic company which through our unique mix of talent, knowledge and technical capability have quickly established themselves as a leading Scandinavian and European Mobile and Cloud provider.


We have created a very advanced Cloud based Mobile and Big Data platform, delivered in a SaaS and MBaaS format along with a very complete SDK and REST API. Our platform includes rich services and features such as E-Signing, Big Data Analysis, IOS, Android and Windows Mobile clients, Data visualization & Mobile reporting, CRM, Document management and CMS along with Social and collaboration services.

We have provided solutions to some of the largest actors in Financial Services, Wealth Management and Retail in Scandinavia. We are quickly discovering that our platform offering, thanks to its design and implementation, can be deployed across industries and market segments. Through strategic partnerships we are enriching our offering and expanding our market presence.

Our goal is to constantly create and deliver the most advanced technology solutions. Creating innovative, real business advantage and value. In order to achieve our goal, we pursue an ongoing mission to harness the huge mega shifts both technical and social occurring in the industry today. Capitalizing on knowledge and experience spanning over 2 decades we fashion them into key services and solutions that can be rapidly implemented and adopted by any organization in record time.see less