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Legally recognised identity and self service capabilities!

The client identity services and profile management, provide all the functionality you need to create secure client enrollment and self service solutions. Support is provided for various authentication schemes including BankID and Facebook social logon to provide strong identity and legitimation. Enrolled users can be created as new system accounts or connected to existing user identities. Users can manage all of their contact and profile settings along with preferences for communication and channels. Additional profile information can also be managed and maintained, such as MFiD details for compliance information in finance, or even the users profile picture for a bank payment card. All or certain classes of information can then be signed by one of the many schemes supported, such as BankID for example to guarantee its validitory and source. The clients identity can be displayed on the mobile client with supported details represented in a machine readable format such as a barcode along with profile picture to act as an identity in membership or access scenarios.