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Explore, analyse and visualise your Big DataPrism Analytics is a fast and easy to use Big Data Management Platform made for business users.

It turns your big data into smart data by aggregating, enriching and analysing your organisation information. Your business uses unprecedented data visualisations to get precise view of your customer behaviours, and drive smart decisions.See features now

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Effortless Big Data Analytics in no time at all

Rapid deployment, with scale that fit your needs:

Load dataUsing one of our data connectors, your data are loaded into the platform. Using data-washing, data mining, text mining, we are turning your big data into smart data usable by business users.

Explore and AnalyseDiscover your data with interactive segments, dashboards and reports.

Export resultsProduce high value reports, export to simple CSV file or operate a multi-channel campaign from a single click.

Import from most popular data sources with our partner connectors. Manage it all through our easy-to-use user interface or powerful APIs.

Discover our technologies

Beautiful data visualisation

Explore and analyse your data through advanced dashboard

Data is beautiful…

Because an image is worth a thousand words, data-visualisation allows to represents volumes, relationships, interactions, dependencies, trends...

Create dashboards, create live segments from an easy-to-use interface. Visualizing and giving sense to data has never been easier.

Directly embed your dashboards in your favorite apps, and drive decisions based on knowledge.

Prism Mobile

Extend cross channel communication with Mobile apps, push notification and SMS

Based on segmented target groups, establish a two-way dialog with your customers with Prism Mobile, experiment A-B testing, engage your customers...
And start leading the space of rewarding multi-channel communications.

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